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Minijack to XLR Adaptor with Power Convertor
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The VXLR+ is a 3.5mm female TRS socket to male XLR adaptor, which will convert 12-48V Phantom Power down to 3-5V 'Plug in Power', allowing RØDE on-camera microphones such as the VideoMicro and VideoMic GO, as well as self-worn microphones like the HS2 Headset Mic to receive power from the XLR input. The 3.5mm socket also features the same threaded connector as used on the output cable of the HS2 Headset Microphone, and the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit Receiver, ensuring the connection to your XLR input is secure and won't disconnect during your recording.

VXLR+ Fiche technique
VXLR+ Fiche technique
Niveau de bruit équivalent (pondération A) 48g
Niveau de bruit équivalent (pondération A)58mmH x 19mmW x 19mmD
Garantie 1 ans
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