Sound of Science

Nice Shirt Media
Two mad scientists extract all audible cells from their patients in order to make their insane electronic beats. During a routine procedure, a new patient wakes up and tries to escape. Little did the patient know, the scientists were prepared to take him down. No one is safe from the Sound of Science.

Behind the scenes of Sound of Science

Sound of Science was shot entirely on the Sony A7s. On-set audio was recorded using an NTG2 shotgun microphone plugged into a ZOOM H6 recorder.Behind-the-scenes footage was shot on three Canon T5i DSLRs. Audio for the interviews utilized the smartLav+ microphone into an iPhone 5s. The music was composed from captured audio and altered in Ableton 9. Sound of Science was edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Matériel RØDE utilisé


Nice Shirt Media

Garrett Sammons - Director, DP, Lighting

Shane Law - VFX Editor, Music Composer, Lighting

Brad Tennant - Actor, Camera Operator, Editor

Matt Wilken - Lighting, BTS Camera Operator

Chris Ozminski - Set Designer

Matt Zacharias - Producer

Dalia Sadi - BTS Camera Operator

Darrik Sheek - BTS Camera Operator