Marc Lyon Galang
A comedy short with a sci-fi twist. When a Josh, a vlogger, takes his new camera for an adventure, things take an interesting turn.

Behind the scenes of #Rekt

We didn't have a very big budget, so our process was as low-cost as possible. We used an old Canon Rebel T3i DSLR along with a RODE VideoMicro. Limited with what gear we had, we decided to do a vlog-style short, which our equipment was perfect for. On the post-production side, we used Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6 and plug-ins and sound effects such as Optical Flares, Twitch, and Motion Pulse, from Video Copilot. Effective low-cost indie filmmaking at its best.

Matériel RØDE utilisé


Marc Lyon Galang

Marc Lyon Galang - Director, Writer, Editor, and VFX

Josh Estrada - Actor

Carlos Nelson - Writer

Hannah Krupp - Production Assistant