A Few Moments To Myself

Blue Suit Productions
A woman coming to terms with a terrible loss through the use of podcasts and noise cancelling headphones.

Behind the scenes of A Few Moments To Myself

We were a small crew shooting with very little gear. We quickly realized we could get away with using a DSLR to shoot with as well as a Sony QX100 camera to get the tricky shots but we knew that sound was the most important aspect of this film.
We used a Rode VideoMic Pro to capture all the sound in this film, this allowed us a rich sound and gave our short a new level of drama.
Because the mic is so simple to use and the noise quality is so good we were able to shoot quickly and with a skeleton crew of just 3 people.

Matériel RØDE utilisé

VideoMic Pro

Blue Suit Productions

Dominic Pollio - Director, Editor

Jon Baker - Writer, Producer