Calum Donald
'Oyaragh' follows the story of Oscar, a sailor, who is searching for an escape from consumer society in the hope of a more simple life. His dream takes a dark turn after he sinks his boat to trap himself and his young crew-member, Skyla, on a deserted island. When Skyla becomes sick Oscar makes a final attempt to seek rescue by casting into the ocean 2 camera SD cards with an S.O.S. video message in bottle. Their story makes news headlines as the found footage is revealed.

Behind the scenes of Oyaragh

'Oyaragh' was filmed whilst under passage on a six month voyage in the South Pacific. Whilst this gives authenticity to the oceanic based film, we quickly noted that camera’s and sea salt are not the best companions!

Film locations included New Zealand and the island of Erromango in Vanuatu. The sailing scenes were filmed on the High Seas on passage from Vanuatu to New Zealand.

The film is named after the boat she is based on, a 1960’s steel ketch originally built in France. This great vessel has circumnavigated the globe twice and is currently in harbor in New Zealand.

Matériel RØDE utilisé

DeadCat GO

Calum Donald

Calum Donald - Director/Editor/Writer & Actor - 'Oscar'

Jessica Bangert - Producer/Co-Writer & Actor - 'Skyla'

Stephanie Buttle - Actor - 'News Presenter'