The Perfect Short

Tony Sakiri & Friends
Follow the comical struggles of Tony as he tries to pull together a perfect short for his myrodereel submission. Tony saves lives and picks up prostitutes while his partner Marcos... Well... He just kind of eats cereal...

Behind the scenes of The Perfect Short

All shots were from a Sony A7S. Rokinon 24mm and 50mm lenses were used. All audio was from a Rode Video Mic Pro or a VMP + Zoom H1. Tripod shots and glide-cam shots were mainly used along with an aerial shot from a DJI Phantom 3 pro. Locations used were Mentone, Newport, Yucaipa, Redlands, and Beaumont. All in California.

Matériel RØDE utilisé

VideoMic Pro

Tony Sakiri & Friends

Tony Sakiri - Writer/ Videographer/ Editor/ Actor (Tony)

Aaron Anderson - Actor (Scientist)

Jeremy Lumsden - Actor (Jeremy)

Cristian De La Fuente - Actor (Sam)

Carlos Peralta - Actor (Prostitute)

Marcos Valdovinos - Actor (Marcos)

Fabian A. - Music Production

Charles - Drone Videographer