DETALLES DE UN CRIMEN ("Details of a crime")

Two girls are kidnapped...
(A short that tells about gender violence)

Behind the scenes of DETALLES DE UN CRIMEN ("Details of a crime")

We filmed with a Sony Nxdcam the video and the sound was recorded with the Rode NTG4+ with a deadcat attached for exteriors, plugged in right to the camera.

We get a Restaurant, the street and an apartment in the Quito - Ecuador, Middle of the World City to do the shots...

So, then we go to rehearsals, and shot... later, we edited with Final Cut and Adobe Premiere CC

Matériel RØDE utilisé


Jonathan Sarsoza - Producer, actor, director

Omar Sarango - Photography, Editor

Daniela Castro - Actress

Maria Jose Arroyo - Actress

Mangie Chavez - Actress

Jose Enriquez - Sound

Gonzalo Carvajal - Screenplay

Sara Sarzosa - Assistant Director