Poolside [MY RØDE REEL 2017]

Numera Films
Genre: Comédie Drame

Matériel RØDE Utilisé:

VideoMic Pro

Plus d’Informations:

Tom is about to retire from the world of pools and life-guarding. Tom is known for his stories and the lifeguards at his current, drab pool are hoping for something exciting to happen. A small injury becomes a bigger deal than expected.

Numera Films

Morgan Ermter


Kenya Weaver

Production Design

Josef Wright

Director of Photography

Karlee McTavish

Assistant Director

Poolside was created by a group of friends. Every summer we collaborate on a short film and this year we decided to combine this tradition with the My RØDE Reel competition.
Our films always start with production design and Kenya Weaver has been our go to gal for everything from props to wardrobe. Poolside is meant to have a nostalgic feel to it which is why we opted for bright warm colours and stereotypical costumes (particularly the doctor and cowboy). Plus it always does good things for comedy. From the original artwork on the "Sal's Pizza" soda cup to the archival photo of a real cowboy we go in depth to make the most of the story.
Choosing the aspect ratio also went hand in hand with the nostalgic feel. Plenty of center framed shots and locked off cameras is something that defines this shorts style and the bright natural light styled by Josef helps bring the costumes to life.
Then there's sound. In a competition like this sound needed to be a prime focus and unfortunately the weather and building were not suited to capture everything the way we had envisioned. Our behind the scenes video elaborates and our struggles and hopefully our eventual success.