Connor Croak
Genre: Horreur sci-fi

Matériel RØDE Utilisé:

VideoMic Pro

Plus d’Informations:

Nicky finds himself being interrogated by an unknown man about the traumatizing events he experienced earlier that night.

Connor Croak

Connor Croak

Director of Photography

Amber Pfluger

Makeup Artist

Sal P


Giovanni Diaz


Jose Nunez


Joe Pruziner


Tim Bardong


Rambo Bardong

Set Dog

In this behind the scenes look, you'll find the cast and crew from a different point of view. Showing the sets a different perspective than scene in the film and the techniques and effects we used to create the film before you. We had originally planned to do out audio recording via our RODE NTG2, only to find faulty XLR cables. Luckily one of our on set actors had a RODE directional video mic with him(NICE!).Using that for the primary source of quality audio we set forth on filming. Using a variety of lights with colored gels,to create the desired look. As well as a DJI Ronin to get smooth tracking and panning shots.

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