The Biggest Rock Short Film

Saldana Films, LLC
Genre: Comédie Drame

Matériel RØDE Utilisé:

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

Plus d’Informations:

A couple walking in the park. The man kneels down with a box, but everything takes a wrong turn when the content in the box its not what his girl was expecting.

Saldana Films, LLC

Stephen Saldana

Producer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor

Ion Smith

Assistant Director/Sound Operator/Lead Gaffer

Beatriz Cebreros

Gaffer/Production Assistant

Behind the Scenes of The Biggest Rock Short Film. This short was film in a Park in Mesa, Az. We used three different microphones from Rode. The NTG-3, Rode Video Mic and The Rodelink Lav. The whole film was short in a steady cam with a opening drone shot. In the Film We Play with our camera angles, reveals our actress face and reactions and also have her walking out of the frame and following action with our camera. As a Filmmaker i love to explore angles and move my camera around.