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Cine Gear 2019- My Rode Reel 2019

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Cine Gear 2019
Behind The Scenes
This film shows off the capabilities of the rode video micro. We filmed all shots in paramount studios Los Angelos. Using a wide angle lens and a camera stabilizer we were able to get smooth shots that captured the subject that we wanted. We film on a Canon Sl2 and primarily a canon 18-52mm lens. we also film with a sigma 33mm lens when we are not using the stabilizer. Our editing process is fairly simple, We first upload all the footage on too our hard drive and sort them into the appropriate folders, then we import those folders in to black magic Devinci resolve. In resolve we color grade everything. We then export individual clips out of resolve and import those clips into adobe premier pro cc. In premier we edit the video completely. Before exporting we watch and rewatch the video countless times making sure it is perfect, then we export in h.264 format (youtube hd 1080p file). we then upload to you tube using a custom thumbnail that we create on adobe photoshop.

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